img_2738_bwMy name is Filippo Guizzetti. I’m a non-Italian-looking Italian guy who chose to become a science communicator.

I studied Medical Biotechnology in Modena, Italy for five years. It was a fantastic experience during which I realised how thrilling, exhausting and gratifying scientific research can be. I fell in love with genetics, molecular and cell biology. By spending endless hours in the lab every day I felt I was finally getting acquainted with those perfect machines composing our body. This experience also allowed me to be included in one paper that was published in 2015 and to be the second author in another article in 2016.

However, when I eventually had to choose whether I wanted to become a PhD student, I felt it wasn’t my best option for making the most of my passion for science. I decided that I wanted to become a science communicator. Therefore, I spent one year UK where I studied science communication until September 2016.

Life (with) science is my way to keep improving my passion and trying to understand more not only about science itlself, but also about what science is for people. If you’re enjoying this page, thanks for visiting and supporting me. Feel free to contact me through the comments section or at my email address. I’m open for a chat and sincerely interested in knowing your point of view. Cheers!


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