IMG_4161My name is Filippo Guizzetti. I’m a non-Italian-looking Italian guy who loves writing about science.

I’m a medical biotechnologist and science communicator by training. I studied Medical Biotechnology in Modena, Italy, for five years, where I obtained a bachelor and a master degree, and got included in two peer-reviewed papers (one of which as second author). It was a challenging and inspiring time of my life, during which I fell in love with genetics, molecular, and cell biology. By spending endless days in the lab, I felt I was finally grasping the beauty of how biology works.

But my path wasn’t meant to be straightforward. When I was eventually faced with the choice of  enrolling in a PhD, I felt that wasn’t the best card to play if I wanted to make the most of my passion for science. I decided to become a science communicator. I therefore spent one year in the UK, where I got an MSc in science communication. I now live in Sweden, where I work as a technical writer. Talking about straightforwards paths…

Life (with) science is my way to keep nourishing my passion for talking about science, and trying to understand what science means in people’s lives. If you’re enjoying my blog, thanks for visiting it. Your support means a lot to me. Feel free to contact me through the comments section, or at my email address. I’m open for a chat and sincerely interested in knowing your point of view. Cheers!


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