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Gene-edited babies and science credibility, part two

At the end of November 2018, the first two gene-edited babies were born in China as part of an undisclosed research project. The communication strategy used by the author challenges the way science regulate itself. Are we entering an era... Continue Reading →

Gene-edited babies and science credibility, part one

A Chinese scientist has revealed that the first two gene-edited babies are born in China as part of a questionable research project. This poses a threat to the scientific community’s credibility. Can science still regulate itself? And what are the... Continue Reading →

Research. Publish. Do not Repeat.

Replicating other scientists’ works appears to be more difficult than one would expect, and these efforts are often ignored by scientific journals. A new online publishing channel has been launched in the attempt to give more space and visibility to... Continue Reading →

“The importance of being earnest” (scientists)

Peer-review scams, citation rings, inefficient post-publication amendments. Can we still trust scientists to trust each other? How trustworthy is science? Or, being more specific, how trustworthy are scientific publications? An overwhelming number of papers is published every year. According to... Continue Reading →

The eternal sunshine of a spotless paper

A study shows that negative citations of papers are rather rare. How do they work exactly? Isn’t science the modern great art of debate? The only way through which science can be academically validated is by passing through a long... Continue Reading →

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