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Gene-edited babies and science credibility, part one

A Chinese scientist has revealed that the first two gene-edited babies are born in China as part of a questionable research project. This poses a threat to the scientific community’s credibility. Can science still regulate itself? And what are the... Continue Reading →

A laboratory in the garage

A revolution might be ongoing in science. And it promises to democratise research and make it accessible to everyone.  - Go directly to the full article here - Biohacking, also known as do-it-yourself (DIY) biology, is a revolutionary movement with the potential... Continue Reading →

CRISPR gene-edited cells enter the human body

For the first time, a patient has been injected with CRISPR gene-edited cells. This is just another step towards a revolutionary new era for medicine. Once again, the news comes from China. On October 28, a Chinese team was the first... Continue Reading →

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