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The battle against resistant bacteria must be fought together

The concern around muti-drug resistance bacteria is constantly growing as confirmed by the World Health Organisation that in February published a list of the most life-threatening bugs. I interviewed a few companies currently addressing this problem, asking for their point of... Continue Reading →

Death by superbug

Antimicrobial resistance is a natural defence system that microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites develop in order to counteract the action of antimicrobial drugs. The occurrence of this extremely dangerous phenomenon has significantly increased in the last decade, making... Continue Reading →

A laboratory in the garage

A revolution might be ongoing in science. And it promises to democratise research and make it accessible to everyone.  - Go directly to the full article here - Biohacking, also known as do-it-yourself (DIY) biology, is a revolutionary movement with the potential... Continue Reading →

What it takes to visualise biology

How important is in science to show a concept through images, and how effectively can scientists communicate through this medium? Since my first year at university, I have always been intrigued by the representation of biological objects that can be found... Continue Reading →

CRISPR gene-edited cells enter the human body

For the first time, a patient has been injected with CRISPR gene-edited cells. This is just another step towards a revolutionary new era for medicine. Once again, the news comes from China. On October 28, a Chinese team was the first... Continue Reading →

Research. Publish. Do not Repeat.

Replicating other scientists’ works appears to be more difficult than one would expect, and these efforts are often ignored by scientific journals. A new online publishing channel has been launched in the attempt to give more space and visibility to... Continue Reading →

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