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See you in the next century

Is cryogenics just an overused cliché of sci-fi literature and cinematography? Perhaps this is not the case if you consider that nearly 300 persons have already chosen to be cryogenically preserved for an indefinite time. The problem is that there... Continue Reading →

When men became just evolved apes

A 1932 sci-fi movie, the 1896 novel that inspired it, and how Victorian society discovered that we are just ape’s descendants I love movies, and among movies sci-fi is one of my favourite genres, as one might tell from some other... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Gattaca, part three

“Ten fingers, ten toes. That’s all that used to matter. Not now. Now, only seconds old, the exact time and cause of my death was already known.” From Andrew Niccol’s Gattaca In the last part of this series of posts... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Gattaca, part two

The previous post talked about a study, published in April 2015, regarding the first gene editing on human embryos. Despite the problems with the technique that this study showed, it triggered an awkward debate in the scientific community. Concerns are... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Gattaca, part one

In 1997 a movie depicted a dystopian future of gene-edited people. Most of those technologies are now becoming real. What are they and what are the differences between that future and ours? Jerome Morrow thinking: “The most unremarkable of events.... Continue Reading →

Do humans dream of gene-edited pigs?

Genomics institute BGI intends to start selling gene-edited “micro-pigs” as pet animals BGI is a Chinese company based in Shenzhen and known for its work sequencing human, plant and animal DNA. Through gene editing, they have created reduce-sized pigs and... Continue Reading →

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